***Buy from 200+ artworks from emerging and leading Berlin artists***
***Affordable art salon style exhibition***
***painting, collage, photography & prints***

It's December, it's Christmas... nearly. coGalleries are teaming up with Port of Art for a salon style show designed for everyone's taste. The eclectic mix of hangings and mediums will come in all sizes and will exhibit many affordable artworks by professional Berlin artists. Whether it's for a Christmas deal or to add to your growing collection of art, our salon is unmissable for art enthusiasts with a keen eye.

coGalleries artists: Carlos Silva Various Gould POLA BRÄNDLE Nina E. Schönefeld Andrés Galeano Marco Kaufmann Robin Resch Christopher Sage Leonid Keller

Guest artists: Tahian Bhering Ingrid Bittar Olivia Descampe Collage Marco Reichert Lisa Denyer, Nico


"I don’t know what these kids will do." –  Maurizio Cattelan, initiator

"I have to clarify that I am involved by no means as a curator for Manifestina." – Christoph Doswald, curator

"Don't worry, we will not make it public." – Christian Jankowski, curator of Manifesta 11

Initiated by Maurizio Cattelan, Manifestina is a movement investigating formats of manifestations and demonstrations. It comprises actions and interventions that were happening for one hundred days in the public sphere of Zurich in 2016.


Jan Nicola Angermann, Min Bark, Aleksandra Beeker, Tjorg Douglas Beer, Andy Best, Ezgi Böttger, Mike Bouchet, Birgit Brenner, Theo Dietz, Ceal Floyer, Therese Friedemann, Ryan Gander, Tilghman Alexander Goldsborough, Inbar Hagai, Anette C. Halm, Shaotong He, Gabriel Hensche, Alicia Hernández Westpfahl, Lori Hersberger, Gregor Hildebrandt, Sören Hiob, Jan Hofer, Jaša Mohammed Kazem, BangJoo Kim, Liz Magic Laser, Sarah Lüdemann, Miao Xiaochun, Kyunghye Min, Florian Model, Orlán, Jan-Hendrik Pelz, Dirk Reimes, Tal Rosen, SDDRUA, Charlie Stein, Johannes Hugo Stoll, Valentin Peitz & Satoko Toyoda, Pipilotti Ristorante, Stefan Römer, Römer+Römer, Nina E. Schönefeld, Santiago Sierra, Thaddeus Strode, Ryan Trecartin, Angela Vanini, Costa Vece, Jorinde Voigt, Julia Wirsching

 Opening hours: Open non-stop from Friday Nov 28th till Monday 31st